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View the 2012 C-CBAC Brochure here.

Communities in the Cariboo-Chilcotin, as with many areas of our province, are challenged by the Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic. In response to this significant challenge - perhaps the greatest ever for our communities - the Cariboo-Chilcotin Beetle Action Coalition (CCBAC) has come together to work with governments, groups and individuals to help ensure that these communities not only survive but prosper, during and after the epidemic.

CCBAC Mission Statement

To develop a coalition that will be effective with government regarding the Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic and the future of our communities. To ensure that our communities are economically stable, that there are jobs in all sectors, and support the entrepreneurial spirit that is fundamental to the Cariboo-Chilcotin lifestyle.

CCBAC believes it is essential to bring together natural resource managers and economic development expertise to minimize the potential economic impacts of the beetle epidemic, and to make the best of the ensuing opportunities."

CCBAC Mandate

CCBAC will continue to focus on forest dependent communities within the Cariboo-Chilcotin region that are impacted by the MPB epidemic. These communities include First Nations, municipalities, and unincorporated communities within the Cariboo Regional District.

Going Forward, CCBAC's core mandate is to:

  1. Continue to monitor, report and communicate the impact the MPB epidemic is having on the economic, environmental and social health of the Cariboo Chilcotin.
  2. Continue to advocate for MPB mitigation assistance for the CaribooChilcotin with other levels of government.
  3. Continue to develop, fund and manage projects that will assist with MPB mitigation and/or enhance economic, environmental and social development in the region.

For the next three years, CCBAC will focus on the following five Major Areas of Activity to achieve this mandate:

  1. To provide leadership and general oversight on the implementation of the CCBAC Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB) Mitigation Strategy and CCBAC Sector Strategies;
  2. To continue to monitor, report and communicate the economic, social and environmental impacts the mountain pine beetle epidemic is having on CCBAC communities; and provide timely advice to the provincial and federal governments on MPB issues;
  3. To continue to encourage and support regional scale economic, social and sustainable development within the CCBAC region;
  4. To provide leadership in the development and implementation of projects that help achieve priority recommendations from the CCBAC MPB Mitigation Plans and Sector Strategies; and
  5. To communicate effectively with various levels of government, the private sector and social service providers, in order to maintain a consistent message regarding the CCBAC mission.

For a full description of the above activities, please view the CCBAC Operational Plan.

For more background information on CCBAC, please click here.