Anahim Lake Airport Terminal Building Construction

2013 - Construction of a terminal building for the Anahim Lake Airport was undertaken in order to serve the scheduled flight service and act as the airport office. The Anahim Lake Airport is important to the social and economic well-being of the west Chilcotin, as the airport is used to transport medical personnel, serves as an asset during emergency events and is often utilized by local tourism operators and community residents. The terminal, which was completed in December 2013, will help the airport become an even more valuable asset in the area. It is a 900-square foot building with a small suite for an airport caretaker on the second floor and a large covered parking area for runway equipment.

Extensive research and design went into the building by the design-build contractor, Zirnhelt Timber Frames. The result is an impressive structure that exceeds the standard code requirements for energy use by 40% and with wood heat will reduce electricity consumption by 80% over a baseline building. It was built using local wood products, including insulation, whenever possible and the only non-wood building is a piece of foam insulation under the slab.

CCBCA supported specific components of the building design: the installation of a glue-lam timber entrance way, locally produced wood flooring, cabinets and tables, panel and blown-in wood-fibre insulation, and use of clear birch wall panels.

The terminal, which will result in increased use of the airport by community residents, visitors, tourism operators, medical personnel, the RCMP and others, will help support social and economic development in the West Chilcotin and will be a uniquely environmentally sustainable structure.

Funding Partners: Cariboo Regional District, Towns for Tomorrow, Community Works Fund, Northern Development Initiative Trust
CCBAC Contribution: $73,900
Project Total: $709,391

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