Mountain Bike Tourism Initiative

In the spring of 2010, a group of business owners from 100 Mile House, Williams Lake, Quesnel and Wells formed a consortium with two primary goals. First of all, to grow the economic impact of mountain biking by 25% over the next two years, and secondly, support and grow a vibrant mountain bike culture throughout the Cariboo region. These goals are supported by the building of a unique website that profiles the region's world class riding. The business awareness campaign builds partnerships across the service sectors, and provides a strategic investment in riding infrastructure which is the core of a wicked riding experience. With CCBAC's funding, and further leveraged funding from Northern Development Initiative, the consortium is well on its way to growing that economic contribution through a dedicated group of regional partners.

Phase I is nearing completion and conditional funding has been examined for Phase II, subject to increased community work with First Nations and other regional local government. The project timeline goes to spring 2013.

Funding Partners: Phase 1: CCBAC, Northern Development Initiative Trust Phase 2: CCBAC and Regional Business Community
CCBAC Contribution: Phase1: $50,000, Phase 2: $50,000 subject to partner funding at a 0.6 leverage ratio

Additional Information

Read the Cariboo Mountain Bike Tourism Proposal.

View the Cariboo Mountain Bike Consortium web site.

Cariboo Mountain Bike Tourism project overview.

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