Potato House Community Composting and Presentation at Recycling Council of BC Zero Waste Conference Projects

The Potato House Sustainable Community Society has developed and grown exponentially over the past 6 months with the help of funding from the Cariboo Chilcotin Beetle Action Coalition. With the vision of a sustainable future and self-sufficient populace, the Potato House has implemented a Community Composting project for all of Williams Lake and the surrounding area. The small blue and white house at 49 Borland Street, Williams Lake, has transformed from it's dilapidated and neglected state to a buzzing community hub complete with community gardens, educational landscaping, homes to bees and urban farmers, and of course, the extensive Community Composting Project.

The Potato House grounds hosts several pallet compost bins, made almost entirely from recycled materials that are welcome to be used by all.  A range of people and cultures come to partake in their efforts to be more environmentally aware by bringing their kitchen scraps from business lunchrooms, classrooms, or homes, and adding them to the growing piles of compost. Come spring, they will have plenty of soil amendment to nourish the green space, and community garden beds they maintain. There is no better alternative for organic fertilizer than compost, and diverting organic waste from landfills supporting clean water initiatives and ecosystem preservation.

Since the implementation of the Community Composting Project, Williams Lake and the surrounding areas consider Potato House a resource and destination and in many instances a partner in community programing. The small 1930’s blue and white designated heritage house on a quarter acre at 49 Borland Street, Williams Lake, has transformed from a neglected weed lot and eye sore to a vibrant and unique community destination. 

The house its self has often been categorized as dilapidated but thanks the beautiful landscaping due entirely to the soil amendment provided by the composting project and community gardening partners the house itself has been approved to move towards its next stage of life as a charming mini community hall in partnership with Heritage BC, NDIT, Success by Six, ArtsVest, The Cariboo Regional District, the City of Williams Lake and the Central Cariboo Arts and Culture Society, in 2016 we will be applying to Canadian Cultural Spaces, Multiculturalism Grant, Bauta Seed Saving Facilitation Grant, Gaming, Entrepreneurial Non-Profits and the Canada 150 Grant.  All of these connections started with the strong support started by CCBAC and the now successful Community Composting Project.

Funding Partners: Potato House Sustainable Community Society
CCBAC Contribution: $105,738

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