Wood Waste 2 Rural Heat Project

From October 2012 until October 2014 the Wood Waste 2 Rural Heat Project (WW2RH) of Community Futures East Kootenay worked with the Mountain Pine Beetle Epidemic Region. The project worked with communities, First Nations, and Local Governments to develop biomass heating (Wood Chip and Wood Pellet) projects by providing education, outreach, technical and business development support. WW2RH completed nine business cases for Communities and First Nations. Of the nine projects, one is currently operational and two more are in construction.

WW2RH conducted visits to 23 communities, and in most cases WW2RH visited multiple times. WW2RH hosted or led 3 workshops and did a number of presentations to local, provincial, national, and international audiences. The WW2RH website has grown to over 6,500 hits per month.

Funding for the project was from the Southern Interior Beetle Action Coalition (SIBAC), Columbia Basin Trust, Province of BC, Cariboo Chilcotin Beetle Action Coalition (CCBAC), and Omineca Beetle Action Coalition (OBAC).

The budget for the project was $250,000. The final expenditures for the project were $250,082. This includes hosting of the WW2RH website until 2017, so no infomation is lost.

Funding Partners: Southern Interior Beetle Action Coalition, Columbia Basin Trust, Provice of BC, Omineca Beetle Action Coalition
CCBAC Contribution: $35,000
Project Total: $250,000

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