Rebel Gardening Campaign

Across the province, there is an increasing public awareness about the importance of local food security for communities. As food prices continue to rise, households throughout the Cariboo region can benefit from growing more of their own food. While many fruits and vegetables can be grown in the South Cariboo, some residents are not aware of the sheer number and variety of produce that can be successfully grown in the regions short season. Providing access to locally relevant gardening information and acting as a central resource point the Rebel Garden Campaign strives to educate, inform and generate awareness of food security as well as increasing overall gardening success. The projects theme is an exercise in demonstrating the potential to feed our own community with a challenge to grow 100 varieties of vegetables, herbs, berries and fruits in the 100 Mile House area.

The Rebel Garden project with the support of CCBAC and other project partners has achieved an impressive level of success through a well organized and enthusiastic campaign.

The south Cariboo community continues to be effectively informed as well as involved in the possibilities for more sustainable living through the campaigns website, radio and newspaper advertising, signs, displays and booths, support from local business and non profits, seed exchanges on social media, delivery of garden seeds to elementary schools, workshops and film series. This project has clearly demonstrated that strengthening communities and conservation values while diversifying our regional economy can be achieved through grass roots organizations with great leadership.

Funding Partners: South Cariboo Sustainability Society,Cariboo Regional District
CCBAC Contribution: $7,800
Project Total: $12,360

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