Rural BC Project

The Rural BC Project is an initiative to stimulate discussion and understanding of the challenges facing rural communities in British Columbia.

There has been significant reference in the media over the past decade about the decline of rural Canada and the increasing urban-rural "divide". While rural BC and Canada does indeed face challenges, there are also significant opportunities. The Rural BC Project grew out of the highly successful Reversing the Tide initiative. The Reversing the Tide initiative included research, case studies and a major conference on rural economic revitalization held in Prince George in October 2008. This initiative identified the current best practices in rural economic development and revitalization being used by other jurisdictions in North America and Western Europe. The Reversing the Tide Initiative clearly identified that a pre-requisite to successful rural development and economic revitalization was the active involvement of rural communities in designing solutions to rural issues. It also highlighted the need for increased understanding of the mutual co-dependence of rural and urban economies.

The Rural BC Project is about creating this dialogue.

The intent of the Rural BC Project is to increase public awareness of the issues rural BC is facing in a constructive and politically non-partisan manner and to present a convincing case of the resources rural BC needs to meet these challenges. The Rural BC Project will achieve this by undertaking a series of activities that:

  • Identify and highlight rural economic development best practices.
  • Create a better understanding of the mutual economic co-dependence of urban and rural BC.
  • Create a better understanding of the challenges rural BC is facing and the actions and investments that will help rural BC communities succeed.
  • Design and implement a project that demonstrates the implementation of a rural development best practice.

The goal of this high priority project is to recommend a long-term strategy in which rural BC can become self-determining, having the tools and investment needed to succeed socially and economically.

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What does Rural BC need to Suceed?

The Pathway to Prosperity in British Columbia Runs Through its Rural Places (January 2013)

Rural BC Action Plan. Rural BC Staff Working Group (June 2014)

Funding Partners: Omineca Beetle Action Coalition, Southern Interior Beetle Action Coalition, CCBAC, and the Real Estate Foundation of BC
CCBAC Contribution: $20,000
Project Total: $80,000

Additional Information

Rural BC Project Steering Committee meets with Premier

The Rural BC Project Steering Committee meets with Premier

Back row left to right - Mayor Gerry Thiessen, Minister Steve Thomson, Minister Rich Coleman, Chair Grace McGregor, Rural BC, Director Rhona Martin, Premier Christy Clark, Mayor Stephanie Killam, Mayor Kerry Cook, MLA Mike Morris

Front row left to right – Minister Bill Bennett, MLA Donna Barnett, Minister Shirley Bond, Chief Judy Wilson

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